Every child has questions. Why does the sun rise in the morning? Why do we pay for things? Why do we get older? They are analphabets trying to decipher the world.

Growing up is learning to navigate around these questions, to deftly avoid them like puddles on the sidewalk, to assimilate and to accept the world as a given. Why does the sun rise in the morning? It just does. So, you deal with it. Just as learning to read, growing up is about looking past the individual characters, past all their edges and curves, to see a prescribed meaning.

As a consequence, many people just read and write because they need to, like most of the things they do. To get up at the right time in the morning. To pay for things. To make the most of their time. And after a while their lives end. Without them knowing why.

To understand the why, why we read and write the way we do, why we pay for things, why we get older, you need to unlearn how to read, distance yourself from your undestanding of the world and ask how you arrived at its meaning. You have to see with the eyes of a child once again. You have to become an analphabet.

The why is what I live for. To stay awake, to shake things loose that have settled in the wrong place, to make people think.