Interlude: Is it time?

Interlude: Is it time?

I'm sitting at home. Beholding the rain outside. Weather has never been as unimportant as in these times. After all, we are all at home. Not emotionally, but physically. Emotionally, we're all over the place.

Sitting in front of our screens, we're waiting for the next catastrophe. On the screen, people are dying. In hospitals, in floods, in wildfires, in wars, in concentration camps, on borders, in famines. Is it time already?

Surely not. Not while the stocks are shooting to the moon, while billionaires head for mars and while the sun is still shining.
Still, I'm not sure what all the other people are seeing on their screens. I've heard of people seeing the wildest things. Some see big conspiracies, others see paradise itself. Reality as a service, I guess. Makes you wonder where the real reality falls on that spectrum. Is it time already?

Probably not. The music is still playing, after all. Still, I'm not in the mood to dance. Once the economy is up again, we'll finally be able to afford fair wages. Once we've sold all these cars, we'll be able to save the environment. Once we've sold all these weapons, we'll finally be able to afford peace. Is it time already?

Maybe. Maybe I should learn Mandarin. Maybe Bitcoin will save us all. Or hydrogen.
Maybe I should start drinking. Is it time already?

We will see.
Screen: off.